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What rights are there?

Rights are assigned on two levels

1. The so-called system rights are assigned to each user. These rights can be defined and changed in the user administration (see Chapter Roles+Rights > User Administration)

The system rights are the following:

  • Full access user (user has full access rights to all functions of OC)
  • Role administration (user may administer the different roles with their rights)
  • Create group (user may create new groups)
  • Access to time recording (user has access to time recording)
  • Reports - with own data (user may see reports that contain his own data)
  • Reports - with all data (user may see reports containing data of all users)
  • User administration (user may change the administration of users)
  • Customer management (user may create customers and manage customer data)
  •  Billing module (user has access to the billing module)
  •  Invite new system users (user may invite new users to OC)

2. A role can be assigned different group/role rights. These rights do not apply to individual users, but to all users who hold the role. In detail there are the following rights:

  • Create a new task (user may create new tasks)
  • Read other users' tasks (user may read other users' tasks)
  • Update tasks of others (user may update tasks of others)
  • Delete tasks of others (user may delete tasks of other users)
  • Add assignee to task (user may add other users as assignees to a task)
  • Delete assigned user from the task (user may delete assigned users of the task)
  • create new board (user may create a new board)
  • Update other boards (user may update boards not created by him/her)
  • delete other boards (user may delete boards not created by him)
  • Update group (user may update groups)
  • Delete group (user may delete groups)
  • Manage group members (user may manage the members of a group)
  • Time registration (user has access to the time registration of a group or board)
  • read other comments (user may read the comments of other users)
  • read other time logs (user may read the time logs of other users)
  • edit/delete other time logs (user may edit and delete the time logs of other users)

The system rights are superior to the group/role rights. So if a system right is not allowed but activated on group level, it has no effect.

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