Organize + Communicate

Eliminate your Task Chaos - get a Zero Inbox Everyday!
Not just another Collaboration Tool - a new Workflow for Teams!


Use Groups and Boards with different Views to have a clean + easy to use Structure of all your Projects, Todo´s, Communication-Channels, etc. And if a Project grows change its View with 1-Click from List to Kanban or whatever you like.


Write with your Team, speak with your Team, discuss with your Team. Directly at the specific Task, in a overall Chat-Group - or in a private Video-Call. It´s all in one Place! Logged, secure and saved for as long as you wish!


Time-Tracking is a Pain and we know that, we made it as easy as possible - if you track in realtime or manually. Deadlines, ToDo-Dates, Budgets, Warnings help to stay in Time and Budget - so everybody stays happy - without Trouble.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

One-Tool for all. OC manages your complete Task-Management and saves you lot of Time and Money. It combines Timetracking, Project-Management, Reporting and Billing in one Tool. Intuitive to use, clean Interface, nice Support! The next Nr. 1 Tool? *
*Yes, we know. But David also won against Goliath, and we have the time to make OC better everyday.


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Task Management

Groups, Boards and Tasks - to organize nearly all kind of projects.
To fit all your needs in Task-Management, Boards can show Tasks as Lists, Kanban, Calendar, Gantt,
- and more Options are on it´s Way! - Visual Project Management for your Success.


Currently you can choose between the following Types - but be aware - we have more in the Pipeline!


The classic List View - we offer this with some special Options. For example "ReTime" helps you to keep the Overview with hiding Tasks until they reach their ToDo-Date. Beside that create Tasks easily, assign Tasks to specific Users, set ToDo/Deadline/Budgets/etc. Give your Task a Desciption. Define Sub-Tasks. Members can comment the Progress, ask Questions and discuss about Details or upload Files directly in the Task. Work with your own labels to define Priorities or Milestones. Sort Lists like you need and prefer! And if you need a special List, create a Filter to create it without moving Tasks to another List.


Drag+Drop Tasks from one Column to another to order and visualize the Project and Tasks how you need it. Define new Columns and give your Team the individual Structure the Project deserves. Give your Idea´s the right Room to grow - Kanban is perfect for Brainstorming and sorting Tasks. But also for complex agile Development. Agile Workflows allready use Kanban for a long Time. Isn´t it worth a Try for you next Project? If you decide a other View is better for you - it´s only a small Click to change it to a List, Gantt, etc.


Gantt Charts provide a clear Overview of all Tasks and their Start- and End-Dates. At once you can see how Tasks and Resources are distributed and connected. Which Team Member is involved in which Project Phase, where are Bottlenecks, is the Budget calculated right, are Dates to close together? Gantt helps to keep the full Overview of your Project-Status.


Group-Calendar´s as much as you want and need. Use the Year, Month, Week or a Day-View to get the right Presentation for your Project. Define a Group of Team-Members to work together with the same Data. Or use it as individual. Reminders, Repeaters, Comments, File-Attachments, what else do you expect from a Calendar? We think we have it on Board for you and your Team! Try it out!
  • Monthly View
  • Weekly View
  • Day View
Custom Priorities
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We support Chats at Groups, Boards and Tasks - via Text, Voice or Video - how ever you like!
Intelligent Notifications help to keep the Overview and Control.
Your Team is working remote? Perfect!
With OC it doesn´t matter - you communicate perfectly at one Place whenever you want!


We have a modern interface that really works good on ALL devices and Resolutions. No SYNC Problems. No extra Installation, no extra Updates.


You can use a Group, a Board or a Task - to Chat+Communicate with your Team or the specific Person which is responsible for a Task. Use what ever is the right Place for your Aim. This leads to central organized Informations, Files and Progress Reports. The overall Group Process Log shows you the Actions and Chats from all Tasks+Boards at one Place.


Use Files, Media, Likes, Links, Emojis to express your needs and feelings. Mention Users to get their full Attention. Filter the Log for specific Actions, Timeranges, Users - to find what you need. Also a powerful Search Function helps.


Time for a Meeting? Make it easy - use a Video/Audio-Call with OC powered by Jitsi. We integrated it directly into all Groups and Boards. So it´s only one Click away to talk and see your Team. No Installation needed, fully secure with extra Password Protection and End-to-End Encryption. Share your Desktop also with one Click and without Installation.


Intelligent Notifications show what´s Important and what´s for later. Splitted to real Communication and informational Stuff. You will not miss any Update or Message you want to know about. Also available as Browser-Notifications for Desktop and Android-Browsers. Or as APP / Installation for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux+Mac.
File-Manager for Uploads and Attachments
Inegrate 3rd Pary-Services via Public-API (coming soon)
E-Mails to Tasks
Import from any Service
Bot-Integration for Automation of Actions (coming soon)
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Nobody likes to do Time-Tracking - so we tried to make it as simple as possible. 
You can track in realtime or add time manually - our Quicktimer starts with One Click.
Reports and Billing is included also - but Export of Data for other Systems also simple.


Time tracking with daily weekly and monthly timebooks and endless report-options.


One-Click start - later assign. Forgot timetracker due to a call? Simply add manual time.  
  • You can simply add notes to the time-entry
  • Quickly start a timer - with One Click
  • Quickly start a timer - with One Click
  • Quickly start a timer - with One Click


You will find all your personal time entries in your timer logbook. Task Management as you like it! 


Analyse data with ease. Dynamic settings for time periods, customers, boards, employees and much more. Easy export of data. The reporting function helps you in the decision-making process. By representing the data in a very structured way, these function makes data more readable, useful, and presentable. You can do your reports, daily, weekly, monthly, per year, OR on a time period you chose.


Customer-Database, Bills, Credit-Notes. You want to send out you invoices right from OC? No problem, billing is so easy - just select the client from the customer database and the time period.
Manager Overview
Customer Database
Zugpferd Validation (coming soon)
PDF-Reports (coming soon)
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Discover our special features! Give each user individual permissions with Rights & Roles. 
Import your E-mails directly as a task: Time is precious! OC is aware of data protection basic regulation standards. 

Plus: You can have your own personalized surface, with your favourite picture and favourite colours.


We have a modern interface that really works good on ALL devices and solutions. No SYNC problems. No extra installation, no extra updates.


Mobile Browser ready, without Installation full functional. Without any compromise! But if you prefer to install a APP - we also offer this on Android and soon on iOS.


You can work with any team size in OC! We have created a simple but powerful - Rights+Role System to ensure that confidential information remains confidential and that each team member only sees and can do as much as they should.


Imports your E-Mails from any E-Mail Adress directly into OC. Automate Processes and eliminate your E-Mail Chaos.


OC can be completely individualized and adapted to your needs. You can design your OC workspace yourself with individual colors and pictures. Use the different views in groups and boards to work there as well as individually as possible. Arrange and time your day and week tasks as you need them. You see, there are many individual customization possibilities in OC.
3rd Party Apps + 
Public API
More Rights to Choose from
E-Mail Client
Powerful Import/Export Tools
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One Tool -
many Options!

OC manages your complete task management and saves you a lot of time. It combines time recording, project management and reporting in one tool. With just one click you have everything you need, with only a short training and without countless logins.
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Why us? Why OC?

We are not that typical US-Start-Up - we are part of a robust Business and aim for long Time Success instead of Short Time Results. But don´t worry - we are flexible and fast.

We know the PROBLEM

We started OC in the first Version allready 10 Years ago as a internal Solution. We switched to different other Tools inbetween, came back, switched again. We never found what we were searching for. So we developed, tested, changed, re-developed. And so on. The Result is what you found here! A Solution which was developed and is used by a remote Team with a lot of the same needs and problems you have! We hope you will like it! And if you think something can be done better - let us know!

Made with Love

We didn´t develop OC mainly of Money Reasons, we did it with Passion to find the best Solutions for Work nobody likes! Or do you like Timetracking or getting Reports together? We don´t - so we developed Solutions to make our and others Life easier - the Aim was that everybody can work when he likes to, without forgetting things, without worring he does the right Tasks with the right Priorities and in the estimated Budgets - and he knows about this before he starts. And we improve this every Day!

Weekly Improvements

We improve OC weekly - but we do this safely. Nobody likes massive Changes in a Solution which he is is used to work with. We offer new Features in additional Ways as far as possible and concentrate on improving Details. As these Details make the real difference to other Collaboration-Tools. Do you have Ideas how we can improve OC and your Workflow? Let us know - we are allways open for new Ideas and your Feeback - as this makes OC unique!


Your data is in safe hands. We are strictly GDPRS compliant. Our server-location is Germany and we will open more hosting- locations with growing request from that area to fully comply to local laws. Data is completly seperated by Countries in the End. Only strictly forced Data-Access through Gourverments will be allowed after our Laywers see no other legal way. We protect your data in any possible way - you can be sure of that!

What could be better then a free Test?

Simply sign up in 2 Minutes and try OC yourself - invite your Team-Mates. You will see - OC improves productivity and collaboration across all industries. All Project and Task Status are visible for everyone in the Team! OC is especially suitable for cross-location Work.
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OC pricing - after Beta Phase!

During the Beta Phase anybody gets all features without any restriction.
Also after the Beta you will be able to access any data you created.


Useable for up to 5 team members without billing and timetracking.


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Useable for up to 50 team members with timetracking but without billing.


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Useable for up to 100 team members with timetracking and billing.


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Useable for unlimited team members with timetracking and billing.


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Enterprise on-premise

Installation on your own system. 

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One time payment including 12 months updates
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Apply for Free-BETA-Account:

Currently we limited the BETA-Accounts to invite only - if you are interested in using / testing OC at the Current Stage - we would happy to get you on Board! Please write us a short message why you apply and how you would use OC and how many Team-Members you want to take with you!

The Use during the Beta-Phase is completly free - also afterwards you will get a special offer when the Free-Plan is not enough for you. You will not loose any entered Data and will be able to continue to work with OC also after Beta is closed.

The benefits for your Team

A hybrid tool for many requirements

OC combines various functions in one tool and is therefore useable for a wide range of Projects and Tasks. Project-Management, Task-Management, Rime Recording, etc. - OC is there for you!

Usable everywhere

Whether on the Desktop or Mobile. Whatever OS you use, as long as you have a Browser and a Internet Connection you can use OC - but we also offer APPS and Tools for different Cases and OS´s.

Customized designs

OC adapts to your Personal Style: Use your own Backgrounds, define your prefered Audio-Signals, define your own Colors and choose your favorite Font-Style. We hope you will like it!
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