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What is a role?

A role is a function assigned to a group member. Different roles have different rights.

The following roles are available by default

Group administrator (user is administrator of a group)
Member (user is member of a group)
External (user can only manage his own tasks)
Client (has only few rights, can view only)

The following standard role values can be defined for the roles:

  • Full access user (user has complete access to all data, including data from users in his company)
  • Role administration (user may administer and change roles)
    Create group (user may create groups)
  • Access to time recording (user has access to the time recording module)
  • Reports with own data (user can call and view reports with his own data)
  • Reports with all data (user can call and view reports with data of all users of his company)
  • User management (user has the right to manage the users)
  • Customer management (user has the right to manage the customers)
  • Billing module (user has access to the billing module)
  • Invite new system users (user has the right to invite new users)

By clicking on the gear wheel you can define the permissions for the roles. These will be applied to anyone with the same role!

These roles are not fixed. Users with appropriate authorizations can change and customize both the role names and the role descriptions.

The rights of the roles can also be individually adjusted. More information on this topic is available in chapter Roles+Rights - Changing the rights of a role.

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