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There are three possibilities to get an account:

  1. Create a new tenant vía Mail registration
  2. Create a new account with your
    1. Twitter- Account
    2. Google- Account
    3. LinkedIn-Account
    4. Facebook-Account
  3. Get invited by your teamlead by E-Mail

For having your own new team account, you do following steps:

Register your E-Mail:

  1. Push "Create Account"

  1. Give in your E-Mail Adress you want to login with
  2. Enter your password (at least 6 characters)
  3. The Eye-Symbol hides your password or shows it.
  4. You´ve got mail!

Login with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google

  1. Click on the account symbol
  2. Give in your E-Mail Adress and your password for the existing account

Welcome to OC.

If your companie has already an existing account, please ask your teamlead to invite you!

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