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Group informations

All your groups are shown on the left side, when you choose on the upper navigation "Groups":

OC Groups
You have several options to filter informations in your group
1. Chat & Log
2. Files
3. Status
4. Members

In Chat + Log you´ll find your complete group communication, that takes place in your tasks.
Chat & Log OC
In Files you find all the uploaded data: PSD´s, Pictures, Screenshots, ...  Sorted by boards. So you have quick overview if you need to find uploads quickly!
Files in Groups
The status button get´s you the perfect projectmanager view! See with one view Group, Board, Task status and the corresponding budgets. What was done, what is still open?
Management view
And finally: If you click on members, you see all group members with their actual roles for the group.
Group member
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