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Evaluate time recording

An evaluation of the recorded data for time recording is done with the function "Reports".

1. Click on "Manage" in the upper menu bar

2. Here you find your reports, that you already created by yourself:

3. The reports allow a variety of individual evaluation options

4. At the top of the view the period, the group(s), the board(s), the user(s), the customer(s) and various details can be selected or omitted

5. Choose the points that are important to you. The list then shows the timer entries for the selected period

6. Above the evaluation is the total duration of the task performed and the total amount of time billed

7. On the right site above you find 2 more symbols. With the first one you save your report, and you´ll get, for example, always the same time period, like "last month". Which is good for monthly reportings. The second icon allows you to export the report from OC. At the moment you get a csv file.

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