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In the user profile you can make personal settings that affect your own user:

1. In the menu "User profile" you can change your E-mail address, username, first and last name and the profile picture. The profile picture is your avatar, which can either be personalized or reset to its original state

2. You can change your password by entering the current password and the new password

3. In the main settings you can customize the design of your OC Workspace or restore the default settings. The field "Background" allows you to put your own background picture.

4. We gave you some Themes already in your User profile. If you still like it more colourful (or less) you can design your own theme, by pushing the button "Add theme".

5. By activating your button Allow push messages, you will get push messages displayed in realtime on your desktop when there are Notifications in OC for you.

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