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Calendar view

The calendar view processes your tasks into a calendar structure.

This view is still under construction and will be available soon!

  1. To use the calendar view in a meaningful way, "Todo" and "Deadline" must be defined with a time.

2. Select the calendar view in the board settings

3. The calendar displays a monthly, weekly and daily view

4. On the one hand, the tasks are arranged in the calendar according to the to-do date. The todo time is also shown

5. On the other hand, all outstanding tasks, own tasks and the tasks of other team members, are listed on the top of the workspace. By pressing the marked button you can show and hide them.

6. The tasks in the calendar can be moved to another day by drag & drop.

7. Via the settings (click on the cogwheel in the upper board menu bar) you can make the following customizations:

    • Sort by: Group sorting, priority, a-Z, task, deadline, date and responsibility
    • Divided: Yes or no
    • Hide completed tasks completely from the board: Yes or no
    • Fast navigation: Yes or no
    • Time period in which the calendar is to be displayed: Week, month or year
    • The number of periods, i.e. how many of the periods mentioned should be displayed: 1, 2 or 3
    • With which day of the week the week begins in the calendar.
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