OC combines many useful tools that make your daily work easier. We introduce you to the most important functions. If you need help with the individual functions, you will find many instructions in the help center.
We want to make complicated things simple.

Project management

With OC, all project information are simply and clearly structured. This makes it easy to work successfully in a team.

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Task management

In OC, all tasks and processes are available in one place. Thus nothing gets lost and the efficiency of work is promoted

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Time tracking

OC offers holistic management, because you not only manage projects, but also record and manage time simultaneously.

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Task views

Tasks can be displayed in different views. So you can adapt them to your workflow.

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Roles and rights

At OC every team member gets the role and system rights he needs to do his work.

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Talk to your teammates where it suits you: Right on the job. It ensures clarity and order.

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