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OC always adapts to your needs. Choose from five different board views to find the view that suits your needs. The view is not fixed and can be set individually for each board. So you always have the best possible overview and see your tasks the way you want to see them.

Todo list

Create your todo list with the list view in OC. So you can see all upcoming tasks at a glance. Your own open and completed tasks are shown as well as those of other board members. With simple drag&drop and quick-edit functions you can quickly adapt your tasks. 
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Kanban board

The Kanban view in OC is the ultimate project management view to show the progress of work in a structured way. Label priorities individually by project and move tasks according to their status on the board. Ticking off tasks makes successes visible.
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Communication view

Some projects require a lot of communication. The communication view in OC was created for this purpose. All communication processes and news that arise in the individual tasks are displayed here. So you have the complete communication in one view without having to click through each activity. It is also possible to communicate with each other on the board without having to click through each individual task. Filters help to display only those things that are important for you.
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Calendar view

With the calendar function you can display your tasks according to its todo date and deadline in a calendar. The tasks are clearly sorted by date. So it is immediately clear which tasks are due today, tomorrow and next week. With this view, you can organize tasks directly in OC according to deadlines or todo time, without having to use other external tools. And if you don't manage to complete a task on the planned day, it can also be moved in this view simply by drag & drop.
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Gantt view

Visualize your projects even better with a Gantt chart. With this view, your tasks are presented in a clear schedule with milestones. The dependencies from one task to another are easy to manage. If something doesn't fit, you can simply drag and drop the desired task to reorganize it and keep control of the project management, even in complex projects.
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Management view

The management view gives project managers, managing directors or department heads a quick overview of all running projects. Which projects are making progress and which are still stuck? How many tasks within a board have already been completed and how many are still open? How are new and completed tasks running? The management view provides answers.
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