Chats and communication

Meet up the team at the right places.

Effective communication

OC always adapts to your needs - also in communication. As a user, you decide at which level you want to see chats and communications. The communication views are your new virtual meeting room, which is there when and where your team needs it when managing a project.

Organize conversations

Instead of an overflowing chat tool, conversations in OC take place where they really belong - in the task, on the board or in the group. This way, all conversations are well organized and structured, which increases the overview and productivity of all communication participants.
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Keeping up to date

The different levels in OC make it easy to follow information and conversations. It doesn't matter if a conversation is only in one task or if the communication overview of the whole group is required. So every team member is kept informed about the progress of the work.
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Focus on the essentials

In communication on OC the user also decides individually. By clicking on the communication view, the board communication is opened. If it is no longer relevant for a board, you can switch back to another view. This allows the user to always concentrate on what is important without being distracted by other communication channels.
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Team meetings

Meet the team where they work together. This is successful in OC. In OC it is also possible to bring together team members for team meetings at a distance. OC offers the right platform to communicate closely and efficiently with different team members depending on the requirements. Task, board or group is the central place for working together.
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