Time tracking

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Not easy at all!

Time recording is often annoying and complicated but also useful or even mandatory. With OC time recording becomes a minor matter. Different ways help you to start time recording with just one click, so that you can quickly get back to more important tasks. Especially for contract work as it is done by agencies, time recording is essential.


With OC, time recording is possible with just one click. The clock runs as soon as the timer is started. Time tracking occupies a prominent place in the working environment. It is almost impossible to forget it. However, time tracking can also be started directly in a task.
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Subsequent time recording

Despite the prominently placed option for time recording, it can of course happen that people forget to record time. OC fully understands this and has placed a function in each task to enter the time retroactively. A time can also be added manually in the logbook.
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Assign recorded time

If the timer is started, the clock runs without being assigned to a special task. While the clock is still running, or even after the time has already been taken, the time can be assigned to a task. This way, there is no need to search for the right task first. It can be started directly.
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Everywhere - everytime!

OC can also be used as a mobile application and thus enables time recording via smartphone or tablet for all employees without a stationary workstation in the office or special hardware. Almost any Internet-capable device such as smartphone, tablet or simply an Internet terminal can be used for time recording.
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From time tracking to invoice 

OC combines different functions in one tool. Thus, not only the time of individual tasks can be recorded, but also processed directly in an invoice. Use the invoicing tool in OC to convert all tracked times directly into an invoice. Other tools are not necessary to write an invoice.
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In customer projects there are often deadlines that must be met. For a good cooperation between client and contractor the agreed deadlines of a task can be recorded. In this way they are always present and ensure less stress caused by forgetting. OC remembers you before it is too late.
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