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Keep the overview of your projects - Manage projects easily!

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OC helps you to keep the overview of your projects. Even if you are involved in the creation of several projects at the same time. With OC you always know exactly what the current state of affairs is. Different levels and views, as well as the roles and rights system allow you to work easily and project-related.

Clear structures

Projects in OC are structured in a simple and clear way. You can use groups, boards and tasks to structure your projects. Have a look at an example of how to use groups, boards and tasks.
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Groups can be divided by team, project, customer or other relevant topics. Assign team members to the appropriate groups. This makes it clear on which project they are currently working on.
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Different boards can be added to each group. Individual project topics or different projects of a client are thus organized in boards.
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Within a board the related tasks are organized. In the tasks there is room for related subtasks, updates, documents and conversations.
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In OC you can expect different views of the work interface, which allows you to set up and use OC in a very individual way. In the boards there are classic todo lists as well as the flexible kanban view. If you choose the communication view, you can see all conversations on the board at a glance. A calendar view and a gantt view are also available and will facilitate your task management.
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With the report function you can get the time tracking of your projects displayed in detail. Filter out the informations that are important for you and see how much time was spent by individual employees, in individual boards, etc. and how much time is or was billed. Thanks to OC's customizability you can report only what you need at any given time.
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Roles and rights

Thanks to the sophisticated role and rights system, a team leader can assign the appropriate rights to the team members. You can assign corresponding rights to roles and then use these roles for unlimited users. So you can control very precisely and comfortably who can see and do what. These settings can also be used to give a client a  readers access to the corresponding board and tasks.
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Annual reports

The annual overview gives you a complete overview of the annual activity. It shows you what was done in which time period: Which projects were dealt with? Have they been accounted in the desired month? How were the activities of a month accounted? Link your clients to the right boards. In the annual report you can create a new invoice for work done in the selected month with one click.
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By setting filters, you can gain targeted insight into the distribution of tasks of the assigned team members. This function also gives you an overview of the progress of projects.
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Evaluate and export data

If you would like to export the displayed data to Excel, OC also offers you the appropriate function: Select the data that are important to you and export them directly to your PC.
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