Event planning with OC

Never lose the red thread again.
No matter if sales team, event manager or marketing agency - OC Organize and Collaborate can be used in any industry. Through the individual usage options of OC you can adapt your account to your personal task management. In the application areas section we show you with some practical examples how you can use OC for your team. If you need help with the individual functions, you will find many instructions in the help center.


The time factor plays a major role in event planning. OC helps you not only not to lose the red thread of your event but also not to miss a deadline, so that everything is ready on time for the start of the event.
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Structured overview

When do I have to take which step? What are the first tasks? OC helps you to go to work in a structured way with the board views Kanban and Gantt. Think in advance which tasks have to be done when and plan your tasks until the final event.
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Deploy employees

In event planning, different departments work hand in hand. So that everyone knows what they have to do, you can assign the tasks to the right agents. As an event manager you want to have an active overview of what is happening? Then add yourself to the info in the desired tasks.
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Using subtasks

In event management, tasks often have different steps that must be processed to complete the task. Use the subtasks to keep track of these steps and to check them off after completion. This gives you an overview and a good feeling to be able to check off the task again.
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Check off the past

A task has been completed, finally! Check it off quickly on your board to visually show your progress in event planning. If you use the list view, these tasks will also be hidden at first sight. This way you focus on what lies ahead and can concentrate on new challenges.
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