Task management

Control your tasks like never before

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OC offers you various functions to manage tasks more easily and not to lose sight of anything. With clearly defined responsibilities, structured task views and clear planning, task management no longer ends in chaos. A sample application shows you how even remote teams can use OC for good task management and brainstorming.






Flexible Reports


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In a task, the responsibility for the corresponding task can be defined for one or more persons. The responsibility differentiates between task and info, that is, whether an employee is directly involved in completing the task or is only informed about the progress. In both cases, the persons responsible receive a message if there are changes in the task.


Each task can be prioritized individually. The various priority levels can be defined and changed independently. If Kanban view is used, it is easy to move tasks to other priorities and then change their corresponding label directly. Also in the other views, like for instance in the list view, the priorities of tasks are visible and can be sorted as wished.


Subtasks can be created in each task. By using the subtasks, more complex tasks get even more structure. The subtasks are created as a list and can be checked off after successful completion. This not only keeps order in the organization of the task but also leaves the good feeling of having completed something.


The "Chats" view helps to find all news that have occurred in the individual tasks. With one view you  see all activities without having to click on each task individually. In order to be able to display certain important activities quickly, filtering helps. Here you can set both the type of activity and a time limit.

Daily and weekly planning

The planning "My day" and "My week" shows the individual tasks of a user. The tasks that are due are listed in these views. Tasks without a deadline and tasks with no expired deadline can be found here as well. This way, tasks that are due immediately are displayed and the list becomes smaller by ticking them off after processing.


Filters can be used to better and faster view or compare desired activities, track project progress or track the work of employees. Filters allow - as the name suggests - a filtering of certain aspects. Thus, activities in one or more groups, in a certain time period, by one or more persons and/or with a certain priority can be defined.

Meet deadlines

If you have agreed a deadline with a customer, or an internal deadline has been set, then it is useful to check these deadlines. This way you can keep an eye on project delays and, if necessary, discuss actions to meet the deadline or postpone the deadline at an early stage.

Board views

In OC you can expect different views of the desktop, which allow an individual setup and use. In the boards there are classic ToDo lists as well as the flexible Kanban view. Also a communication view, a calendar view and a Gantt view are among the selectable views.

Keep an eye on budgets

Keep an eye on the project budget. A bar structure in the management view shows per board the time budget already used and the budget that is still available for a project. You can also see the number of open tasks and can estimate if you are still in the budget.

Retime - the resubmission for lists!

If at the end of the day or week not all tasks have been completed or the completion of the task has to be postponed, the task can be postponed for a few days or weeks or set to a specific date. The task will then no longer appear in these views until the set date.

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