Brainstoming with OC

Write down thoughts freely and then organize them.
No matter if sales team, event manager or marketing agency - OC Organize and Collaborate can be used in any industry. Through the individual usage options of OC you can adapt your account to your personal task management. In the application areas section we show you with some practical examples how you can use OC for your team. If you need help with the individual functions, you will find many instructions in the help center.

Manage brainstorming with OC

Use OC for cross-team brainstorming. Use the board to discuss internal company topics and make them accessible to all employees. No more ideas get lost and every employee has a platform for his or her topics.
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Platform for free thinking

Let your creativity run free on the Brainstoming Board. Here is the space to think freely and share ideas. In this board no idea gets lost. Colleagues and employees are inspired by the ideas of others and feel encouraged to contribute their own suggestions. Whether strictly related to the job or suggestions that improve the cooperation and the working atmosphere. Everything is possible - according to the motto "everything can but nothing must".

Even remote teams feel inspired and integrated by a brainstorming board. This way, they can also participate in everyday office life without having to be explicitly on site.

Putting ideas into practice

Show your employees that things discussed on the brainstorming board are put into action. Create a column with implemented improvements in the Kanban view.

Discuss directly in the task - i.e. in the idea of how to implement the mentioned point. Perhaps solutions can be developed through discussion. The communication view is also very helpful for this board because it shows the complete communication at a glance.

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